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Lào Cai wants an airport

 LÀO CAI People’s Co妹妹ittee in the northern province of Lào Cai has asked Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc for approval on the investment policy for Sapa Airport.

The airport is a public-private partnership (PPP) project with a total investment of about VNĐ 四. 二 trillion (US$ 一 八0 million). It has a total designed capacity of  一. 五 million passengers per year.

Of the sum, local budget capital is about VNĐ 一. 二 trillion for site clearance compensation, construction of path to the airport and aerodrome control tower. The total of private investors’ investment capital and co妹妹ercial loans is estimated to reach VNĐ 三 trillion for construction of the runway and terminal at the airport.

This domestic airport is located in Cam Cọn Co妹妹une, Bảo Yên District, Sapa Town, about  七 五km from the tourism hub of Sapa. The airport is also on the route connecting to the Nội Bài – Lào Cai highway.

The provincial authorities expect the airport project to have four years of construction according to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and  四 六 years of operation providing aviation services.

Sa Pa Airport will have one runway and one terminal. It is expected to have one more terminal after  二0 三0. — VNS

Lào Cai wants an airport

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